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Buying Against the Grain

This day and age it's conventional to head into a big box store in person or online when you think of getting a new piece of furniture, art, clothing etc. Easy assembly and overnight shipping seem like a no brainer, but what happens when you're scrolling through decor inspiration on social media and see the same chair or wall print over and over again. It doesn't mean it was a bad purchase but what makes it unique to YOU, what is you'r connection with it? NOTHING! You liked what you saw, decided it would fit into your decor and bought it. But maybe we need to start challenging ourselves to go beyond fitting in and buying what's trendy and new now.

  1. Eco- Concious

There are so many beautiful pieces of furniture that can be revamped with a little love and creativity. Not only are you saving quite a few trees but you're also saving the earth from more items being dumped in landfills. A reported 9.69 million tons of office furniture was dumped into landfills in 2015, and that was only office furniture! Think of how many times you see a desk, chair, dresser etc sitting out on trash day? Or you've put one out yourself. Now think of how much time, money, and garbage you can save by having it up-cycled, or by going to your local thrift/antique store, facebook marketplace or craigslist and finding an unique previously loved piece and breathing new life into it. You don't have to be a DIY expert to be creative and if it's just not your thing then outsource!

2. Quality and Individuality

There's a reason behind the saying "good bones". How many times have you bought something marked "easy assembly" only to find that it's also easily destroyed? Having an original print from an artist, a hand made mug or bowl from a potter, or an original up-cycled piece of furniture from a furniture artist is something you have a personal connection with. Art comes in so many different forms whether it's photography, paint, pottery, furniture etc. You can discover some incredible artist simply by searching a hashtag on IG or twitter. When you feel connected to something it's not easily disposable, often times we don't stop and think about how a piece makes us feel but how it will "fit". When it comes to furniture art specifically there are so many different options, you can purchase something a furniture artist has already created or connect with them on designing something you already have in mind. Cdollaborating with clients, finding unique pieces at garage and estate sales, or taking something that's been handed down to them and making it more modern or tailored to their design taste. Artists have a connection with each piece they create and that connection extends to the person who purchases it as well.

3. Supporting Small

Supporting small businesses is essential. You might not be getting prime overnight delivery but you have to admit when you contribute to a small business theres a feeling of giving and in turn they are putting their time, passion, and craft into giving you something they are truly proud of. It's when we invest in each other that we are paving a way for a successful future. Not only are small businesses invested in what they are creating but in the community that supports them. When you shop small you're leaving a smaller carbon footprint, creating a relationship, and discovering something outside of the norm. Small businesses are a way to make sure your dollar stays in the community and they're more likely to contribute to non-profits. "[Small businesses] invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it's what drives them. Their risks lead to innovation that moves the world forward. And we need them."

I'm not telling you to stop running out to Target, because I love me some Target, but before you start clicking away and start racking up the cartwheel points or meandering through the never ending labyrinth of furniture, prints and rugs that a million other people have on their walls and floors, stop and search local artists on your search engine or #hashtag, artist, furniture artist, your city + local artist, etc. Something will jump out at you that you feel a connection with.

Happy Saturday loves!


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